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We Are Hosting Our Next Fully Live Workshop!


MASSIVE news people! It's Fully Live Workshop Event time again!

Well you all KNOW what an impact David is having on the world …imagine the impact that he will have on YOU personally!! We are giving 10 people the chance to spend four fabulous, life changing days with us right here in Charlottesville from the 15th to the 18th of October 2020. But get in quick! this event will fill up fast as you could well imagine! Want to know more…… In the movie Future Dreaming in 2015, available on YouTube, David Martin described the human experience. By observing natural systems and their persistent, generative, and abundant expressions and contrasting them to societal norms, he identified where humanity has been hybridized to settle rather than flourish. Audiences around the world began asking, “How do I fully live the principles discussed in the film?” Given the pressures to survive, considering an alternative to what appears to be overwhelming dysfunction in society, politics, business, relationships and individual purpose seems out of reach. Where and how to start Fully Living seems to be elusive. In our workshops, we teach how to engage models designed by nature to see how life synthesizes and supports itself. Using first order principles of light, magnetism, and life, we learn how to engage ALL the power of the Universe in every dimension of living. Part laboratory, part discussion, and part deep examination, we will unravel the questions that distract you from accessing and engaging your life’s true purpose and give you the tools to activate your essence. Through tangible experience, you’ll understand consciousness as the activation of Source memory. Think you have 5 senses? Think again. You’ll begin your journey through 12 and beyond. Decipher your essence in a journey through the chemistry of carbon. Experience the mysteries of relationships through the quantum of glucose forged in photosynthesis. Comprehend life force through the portals of lightning. Discard the stories that have enslaved you to the illusions of others and reclaim your life. This sounds very scientific and although based in hard science the course is practical and full of skills you can immediately implement. In the four day Fully Live experience, we will gain proficiency with our powers of observation and synthesis. Using principles coherent with ancient wisdom's and modern scientific models, we will see that from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxies, there’s an operating system that works and its application is as relevant to transforming business, causes, and communities, as it is to the transformation of the individual living each day. This event will include: Source Principles of Light and Magnetism; Deciphering Essence and Remembering Consciousness; Playing with Fire...and other amazing energies; Mastering elements of Life – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen; Expanding Integral Awareness; and, Finding our Place and Purpose.

Do you know who you are and why you’re here? · What are the stories that are running your life? · Who are they serving? · Are your ‘friends & family’ enriching your life or sucking it dry? · Can you remember your last imagination? · Where do you start to understand the limitless possibilities of the Universe? Are you ready to unleash your essence and step into your purpose in the Universe? Are you ready to Fully Live? What A 4 Day Intensive Workshop When October 15th-18th, 2020 Where Charlottesville, Virginia How Much $3000 USD

$5000 per couple

What others are saying………

Dr David Martin gave me the path and tools to claim back my life! And find my real purpose.rare combination of wisdom, experience, generosity, patience, dedication to humanity and astonishing ability to communicate makes his consulting, teachings and courses potent and effective.Nothing I have experienced to date has come close to the insights I have gained about myself and the changes I have made by working with David and attending his workshops. If you have an opportunity to work with him in any way - run, don’t walk, towards it.

Amanda G.

How shall I describe David Martin?I might as well try to describe light.I could relay all kinds of measurable characteristics – wavelength, intensity, speed - but you still wouldn’t understand what light does or touch upon its essence.So let me try this.David’s impact is like sunlight. Energy, heat and illumination, even of the ‘dark’ corners, so that more life is generated.You won’t always be comfortable while journeying with David but this I promise you: will be more awake, alive and able to fully express your humanity in service to life, in a way that expresses your true essence. And finally, you will see that that light is about awakening the most essential of human qualities that David fully embodies – love.

Sarah H.

Since 2005 I have had PTSD from my war service in Rwanda (1994-1995) where I was a peace keeper after the genocide. This came out of nowhere and struck me down with a lot of different mental problems like; sleepless or broken sleep nights (between 3-6hrs), waking up not knowing where I am, images that pop into my head at random times, mood swings, crying at nothing or things that have no bearing on me or my emotions, depression, and often suicidal thoughts. I have had four different Psychiatrists which have done little to help my problems. Since the course I have had a very clear mind, see things a lot better, can focus easier, the flash backs have subsided, the crying has also taken a back seat and best of all my sleep has gone from the 3-6hrs a night to between 7-9 mostly uninterrupted!

With much love and Respect, forever grateful, Miles W.

The Gathering would have to be the most profound piece of learning I have EVER undertaken. By examining Natural Law and the actual process of transmuting light into matter, David allowed us to shine a light on how we as unique humans beings show up in this world and we relate to those around us. This is not a 12 Step program. This is not a ‘pump you up’ and ‘fake it till you make it’ workshop. This is REAL. This allowed us to truly identify and honor who we are - both our ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ aspects - and in doing so, empowered us to make conscious decisions about who we want to be. This truly is a step towards bringing humanity back to humans.

Peter J.

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