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Meet Kim!

                                  Lets Fully Live!

"Kim has an extraordinary ability to perceive and light up the beauty that is

present in us and the places we inhabit. Whether it is illustrations, paintings, physical spaces or personal lives, Kim brings her gifts to enliven all that she engages.

Remarkably, Kim does all of this purposeful action in the context of pure irresistible joy"! 

(Sarah Hatcher, Global Marketing Executive, Artist, Writer, Friend)



Kim Back Dress
Wolfie MASSIVE Head Vet

Our crazy muppet Wolfagus... YES, his head IS that big!

Kim & Sienna

The Amaaaazing Sienna! Our daughter.

Adventure 2
Once upon a time there was Kim.....


Now Kim was born in a land far, far away, where there are all manner of things bitey, stingy, ferocious and Crocodile Dundeeish!

Yes, you guessed it… Australia!  






Now, when Kim was created, the angels reached into their ‘Bag of Tricks’ and gathered many a fine and fabulous array of gifts and talents to bestow upon this curly-haired vibrant soul…  to fill her up with PIZZAZZ!

Let’s open THAT bag of tricks and see what are the things that make Kim, Kim….

For as long as I can remember, I have been insatiably curious about human potential and what is possible. Oh, this lights me up people


I didn’t (and never will) fit into a conventional box.

I am Registered Nurse and created one of the most successful nurse consultancy companies in Australia, specializing in health assessments, wellness and health promotion programs. Most of all, my nurses and I made many a patient’s heart sing with our visits because we cared and they knew it and felt it. We were also VERY cheery!


I am an expert in Human Behavior and Emotional Health, studying this all over the world!


I run deeply transformational workshops with my AMAZING husband David Martin where we take Know Thyself’ to a whole new level.


I am a fabulous artist!                                                                                                                      I I I especially LOVE creating colorful paintings and have a real passion for children’s books, both as a writer AND illustrator.  Quirkiness is my signature feature!

I am a qualified interior decorator, studying at the prestigious White house School of Design in Sydney.

I’ve got a unique sense of fashion and work with men and women to adorn them inside and out with THEIR vibrancy and beauty.  I help people TRULY shine from a hot outfit of course!

I LOVE sharing my story and the wisdom's I have experienced and studied over my very colorful life! I have fortunately and unfortunately, whichever way you want to look at it, experienced both the beauty and cruelty of this world.

I see it ALL as a story to be shared, as one person’s story can be another’s survival manual.

I am VERY grateful that a beautiful little dancing angel called Sienna chose me to be her mum....Sienna is so kind and writes the most beautiful 'messages of love' to me!

I am REAL.  I am vulnerable and LOVE when that can be shared with others. I DO NOT talk about the weather unless I want to dance on my porch to 80’s music and I need to see if it’s raining or not!

I have been told that I am the life of the party and ‘that being around me inspires and makes people want to lift their game’!

I love all manner of health and fitness! I walk my talk!



To be and feel FULLY ALIVE, you need to be FULLY YOU in every dimension of that and let go of all that is not your essence.  You need to live and speak your truth! That is a principle that Kim lives by and truly inspires others by. At the workshops Kim and her husband David run together, you’ll experience the personal development and relationship enhancement mastery of Kim Martin. Powerful entrepreneur, effervescent lover of life, courageous mother, nurse, coach, all things caring. Kim is showing up to support individuals on their journey into aligning relationships, life purpose and mission into everyday living. Experience her care and you’ll experience transformation”!


SO… what do I do! Well... that depends on the day and what ‘Kimness’ is required!

But if you could sum it all up, I fully live and help others do the same…. and decorate the world & the people in it as I go!

I AM a 1%er!


Random Facts About Kim.....

After a spur of the moment declaration that it would be fun to live in another state, I drove my old Corolla hatchback named ‘Owen’ around Australia at 22 years of age and lived in The Northern Territory for 6 months, (Real Aussie Outback)! …..You only live once people!!!!

In my 20’s I danced up a storm five nights week at a FUN club called ‘Archie's’ to THE ONLY music….80’s music. Rain, hail or shine my lycra clad mini dresses powered ON….. “There Will Always Be Dancing I Say!!!

I have an addiction…..CLOTHES!!! OOPS! 

I am THE worst singer EVER! I was told at a karaoke bar that I ‘Had guts and a lot of enthusiasm’! I made up for it in dance moves and yes…enthusiasm!

I left all I knew and decided to embark on a new adventure with my daughter Sienna in December 2018 and we moved to America, to begin a brand-new life chapter!

Welcome to my world of vibrancy, color, storytelling, creativity

and being brazen!


Mummy &


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