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"Over the years I’ve spent insane amounts of money on clothes trying to emulate others while never revealing the essence of Me.  Conservative, mildly boring, and safe.  That was me.  Until the day Kim took me shopping!

Before I knew it, I was trying on short snug skirts, sassy tops, bralettes (who knew they existed, let alone worn by a woman in her 50’s!!!) and jeans with sparkly stuff on the pockets.  So not me, yet SO very much ME.  The inner Gael was being revealed, and I was loving it.      

Kim is one-in-a-billion.  A Master in bringing out our inner sass.  Her knack in taking a simple outfit and transforming it by tying a knot, adding a funky accessory or exposing a peep-more skin, leave you feeling like a Rockstar.   Just writing this note has transported me back to that day, and the smile is as massive now as it was back then. 

The zest for life and vibrancy that Kim radiates, along with her passion and intuitive knack for understanding her clients desires make for magical – and fun - transformations.  Kim is a true gift to the planet and to all she works with.   Here’s to our next outing"!   Much love, Gael  Gordon, (Social Alchemist, Organisational Orienteer).

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2020 The Art of Being Kim