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Fashionista Fabulousness!

A flower does not think of

competing with

the flower next to it,



As many of you know I LOVE clothes and have decorated many women AND men!

KNOW you do not have to spend a fortune or a lot of time to create fabulous outfits! 

Bargains ROCK!

PLEEEEASE take the time for YOU as it makes SUCH a difference to how you feel and how your day goes! AND your partner will have a massive smile!

Dressing lovely means FEELING lovely!

Every Sunday I look at Pinterest and get ideas for the week and hang those clothes next to each other....READY!

That ten minutes saves SO much time and effort each morning!

Kim's Rules.....   NEVER pair baggy tops with baggy bottoms / skirts - very unflattering! Instead do all tight clothing OR a tight top with a flowing shirt or pants or a flowing top with tighter pants / jeans / skirt!

If you are wearing a multi - colored top or pants - wear a plain / one color only top or pants - you do NOT want the clown look! 

One of the easiest ways to get ideas is from Pinterest! Please have a look at mine as there are some scrumptious ideas waiting to be devoured by you all! I have separated the fashion areas of my page into seasons... There are SENSATIONAL outfits for ANY part of the world and any event! Even just being at home and looking sizzling! Why not I say! 

THERE is NO better time to feel and look amazing and you will

be surprised at what you already have in your closets!

Hot Winter Look!

Tights look fantastic with ankle boots and are flattering for any body shape! 

As of February 2021, Old Navy has some amazing tights in! Yes, you heard right! 

See mine in exhibit A!

Enjoy many other ideas to try at my Pinterest page!





Exhibit A


Long pretty Cardigans can go with SO many things!!


Team a long flowy white lose top with fitted jeans and a boots!

Accessories are a must - layer a few necklaces and bracelets.

Try also creating a loose pony tail with a cute ribbon!

Special thanks to Wolfagus Fuzzknuckle & his modeling prowess! 

Enjoy many other ideas to try at my Pinterest page!





Check out Who Has Been 'Kimmed'!


 "Kim taught me about life force! The kind of life force that brings your soul alive.

Not only did we roll around the floor laughing but she helped me feel more confident about how I looked and taught me what to wear that suited me.  But she also taught me how to be more confident in myself - even though others thought I was already very confident.

She inspired me to exercise in a way I had not done before with great body shaping results.  In all - she helped me change my life.   

My life is literally transformed.  I am deeply grateful - VERY in love and so happy I could burst"!

(Amanda Gore,  Hall of Fame keynote Speaker, Voted one of the hottest 25 speakers in the USA by Speakers Magazine.)

"Over the years I’ve spent insane amounts of money on clothes trying to emulate others while never revealing the essence of Me.  Conservative, mildly boring, and safe.  That was me.  Until the day Kim took me shopping!

Before I knew it, I was trying on short snug skirts, sassy tops, bralettes (who knew they existed, let alone worn by a woman in her 50’s!!!)

and jeans with sparkly stuff on the pockets.  So not me, yet SO very much ME.  The inner Gael was being revealed, and I was loving it.      

Kim is one-in-a-billion.  A Master in bringing out our inner sass.  Her knack in taking a simple outfit and transforming it by tying a knot, adding a funky accessory or exposing a peep-more skin, leave you feeling like a Rockstar.   Just writing this note has transported me back to that day, and the smile is as massive now as it was back then. 

The zest for life and vibrancy that Kim radiates, along with her passion and intuitive knack for understanding her clients desires make for magical – and fun - transformations.  Kim is a true gift to the planet and to all she works with.  

Here’s to our next outing"!   Much love, Gael  Gordon, (Social Alchemist, Organisational Orienteer).

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BE fabulous!
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