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Well-being, Fitness & flavor Pizzazz in the kitchen!

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Fitness! Want to know how to be hot, sexy and vital at any age.... I am 51 and my body is in better shape than it was when I was in my 20's! WHAT EVER YOU DO PEOPLE.... Do NOT let the silly beliefs rule your life that an age means ANYTHING! Look at  these abs! Here are some of the things I do! I will be writing more about how I LIVE in my blogs, but for are some tasty Kim fitness 'treats'!
I absolutely LOVE Tracy Anderson! She is ALL about toning without bulking and helping women  create beautiful lines...especially in the abdominal area! My favorites are Tracy's 'Mat Work Out' & 'Method Express', this one is broken into 10 min sections, so you can do one or all the main areas depending on what time you have available. I have always been fit as I played a lot of sports BUT  its Tracy's programs that give me the definition and shape I have now!
Also, I recommend listening to her talk about all the research that went into what she teaches! AMAZING! Gives you more incentive!
You can find Tracy Anderson on YouTube , here is a link, just click here:
Tracy's Website, just click: 

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Flavor Pizzazz In The Kitchen! 

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