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Will You Dance WITH Me.....

The Art of Being Kim

Hello Beautiful People,

Want to harness the most potent fuel in the universe! Want fabulous, intriguing adventures and wisdom's that capture the essence of humanity and touch your soul….

WHAT IF these adventures were happening now… to real people!

What if WE were the chosen ones….. Well it IS real and it IS happening now….

‘What’s Possible’ IS opening up because THE most potent fuel in the universe is awakening…… It’s THE Life Force energy of people, of relationships, it’s the pure dance of the masculine and feminine in every form of life, elevating each other into the realm of what’s possible…. It is TIME to Fully Live!

“Who holds The Light for you…. No one, I will be that person” (Kim & David Punta Arenas Cafe 2015).


Will You Dance With Me?

This ‘blog’ was an actual letter I wrote to David quite early on in our relationship....

Once in the beginning there was a man and a woman and they were perfect.

They held order and light for the universe. They were the embodiment of love.

That perfect man knew his beauty inside and out, he walked tall and owned who he was!

He oozed confidence & strength but most of all, he loved HIS Queen purely, his true & only love.

That perfect woman 'gave life' in union with that perfect man, she loved him purely and he filled her heart. Perfection was complete.

Then the tides turned... gradually the mists were blown further and further backwards until the world was no longer shielded from the dark and that dark insidiously crept in……

It stole and ripped apart the life force that kept order and light.

The grand plan was to 'own' and control the life force of the universe.

Little did the dark know…. Life is incapable of being 'owned'.

That separation of the lovers destroyed the life force for ALL…. Natural order turned to chaos! 'Life' was switched off and for the most part forgotten.

However, THE King & Queen always remembered……

So clever was the darkness that gradually the forces of light forgot their FULL magnificence.

The feminine was suppressed and abused hideously & reduced to the memory of a 'whore'.

The masculine was eroded down so deeply that he didn't think himself worthy of joy, happiness and especially his true love match.... His Queen.

The King put down the crown & decided to choose well below what he deserved in life, instead of being the king, a warrior he became. That chosen life was a constant battle....

Expectation replaced gratitude and humanity. People forgot how to fully live.

That life and all its pains COULD come to an end if only the warrior decided enough was enough and that HE mattered.

So the pains came with all the ferocity of hell but still he soldiered on steadfast in his mission....

'The mission' of ALL others provided for with the exclusion of himself….

The illusion was, the Warrior was not on HIS divine mission that was HIS true calling, his true calling was to choose himself and in turn choose his Queen......HIS true path was sabotaged....

He was tricked.

The universe wanted the path of a reunion of the pure ‘he and she’!

Instead the Warrior was blindsided by the darkness and that darkness almost took the warriors all....


The darkness also almost took the Queens all....


However, there would always be a faint whisper of truth and purity blowing in the breeze.

You see the Queen was that faint whisper, the love that held his light even when he did not see it. HIS true queen held the crowns that created order, life and love.

She waited and waited and waited until the day that she was able to start the Warriors ‘remembering’ of his true mission.

To remind him that he was not just a warrior, that HE was also THE KING!

In amongst all of the 'queens whispers', the darkness and pain raged on and on...until the King started to remember himself…. The Queen all the while holding his hand until he saw his true path....

THEN the time came.... THE NOW!

The King boldly declared enough was enough and vowed no more to walk away from what was his!

No longer will he be taken from!

The King raised his sword high into the air and reclaimed his perfect masculine being.

HE decided that from this moment on, that the voices that tried to consume him with lies would no longer win!

The King had finally slain that dragon.

However.....there are scars that remain for The King from those experiences of his warrior days. But you know what, instead of lying in a heap allowing himself to be broken, The King instead said:

THESE scars serve me as a reminder of who I AM, what I have endured and how I have emerged and restored the light"!

But where was his Queen....

He turned to face her but she had collapsed. The journey tried to claim her also.

Like he, she too was lost & broken....

BUT being the strong, resilient woman, she was, she pulled herself up!

She started to see the beauty again in the world....

The King in turn healed The Queens deep 'journey wounds' so her sacred, powerful essence could rise high and her growing light brighten his light until the darkness was blinded right back!!!!! Yea baby! Boom!

They both knew that to be whole again, they had to dig deep within THEMSELVES and find the resolve and strength to get back up, stand tall and walk towards each other....

You see the king and the Queen both have incredibly special gifts and abilities to serve each other that are pure, both very different and a lot of times misunderstood by the other....

But without those gifts being as they are, the ‘happily ever after’ would remain but a dream.

The King and Queen were reborn and now was the time to live, BUT... What was living????

She whispered to him...

"I jumped with you once into the great unknown so humanity could be saved... and guess what, we did it!

If you hold my hand and allow me to hold yours right back, I will gladly jump with you again... and this time, all we get to do is dance when we land..."!

So, she asked him....

Will you dance with me?

AND HE said……

“My Lady, My Queen, My Bride, may I have your FIRST and only dance! I Love you".

….. To Be Continued….

SONG TIME People! (This was the first song I sent to David) More Than A Feeling by Boston.

Stay tuned next time for THE

‘How Did You Meet Story' of all stories!

....We me IN Antarctica, IN a volcano, ON my 44th birthday…….AND it is not all that it seems…..

Epic Love stories do exist and they exist NOW…

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3 comentarios

25 nov 2021

This is so beautiful! I've always felt that it was the loss of the embodiment of the divine feminine and the divine masculine in us - that caused the fall into darkness. But reading the Truth of your and David's lived experience in the now (and not some mythic past) gives me such deep joy, and such hope. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Love to you both! Mag

Me gusta
Kim Martin
Kim Martin
04 may 2023
Contestando a


Me gusta

20 may 2020

this is a fairytale story come true !! I want the fairytale !!

Me gusta
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